Technology is bringing families closer together

Technology is bringing families closer together

A survey conducted by Ofcom has unveiled surprising results about the UK population’s TV habits, concluding that more families watch the main television set together as a result of the rise of technology within the home.

However, while the time that families spend watching television together each week has increased from 88% in 2002 to 91%, the survey suggests that people’s attention might be distracted by a whole host of smartphone and tablet devices.

Rather than filing into separate rooms to watch television or surf the internet, more families are keeping up with social media, browsing web pages or texting from within the same room at the same time as watching TV.

25% of respondents confirmed that they engaged in ‘media meshing’, using their smartphone or tablet to research or participate in something related to the program they are watching. This might be ‘Google-ing’ famous celebrities or historic events, to entering competitions and live TV polls.

According to Ofcom’s findings, 49% of people use smartphones whilst watching TV, while 25% share what they’re watching via text messages, social media or phone calls. Women are also said to be the most active when it comes to multi-tasking whilst watching their favourite television shows, true to traditional stereotyping.

Analysts have commented that larger and more impressive TV sets are also accountable for drawing more families to watch the household’s main television, with the number of children with TVs in their bedrooms falling from 69% in 2007 to just 52%.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel