Swiftmoji Emoji Predictive Keyboard Launches

Swiftmoji Emoji Predictive Keyboard Launches

The emoji is the king of expression, bridging language barriers and showing emotions, and there is a new free keyboard that emoji users are going to want.
The Swiftmoji Emoji Keyboard is from the team that created the SwiftKey Keyboard, the world’s most popular keyboard app. Swiftmoji predicts the emoji you may want to use next, based on what you are typing.

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Predictions are displayed in a special Emoji Prediction Row and over time the keyboard app learns your emoji habits, for better emoji predictions. 

Swiftmoji Emoji Predictive Keyboard

Features of Swiftmoji includes an expanding emoji panel, custom keyboard colour themes and ‘swipe’ for recently used and emoji categories.

SwiftKey Beta

Just one day after the launch of Swiftmoji, SwifKey 6 Beta was launched and this allows avid mobile writers to test the latest features, before anyone else.

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SwiftKey 6 Beta has less of a focus on the emoji, although the keyboard app does allow you to turn on and off emoji predictions.  

SwiftKey 6 Beta

The biggest new feature in the beta app is Double-Word Prediction. Having tested the keyboard on a HTC Desire 530, it is apparent that double word prediction significantly speeds up typing. I can confirm that the beta release is stable and as a beta you can still switch back to any other keyboard apps that you may have on your smartphone or tablet.

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  • A new settings menu that has been rebuilt from the ground up to make it easier to fine tune the experience
  • A New Carbon Light free theme is included to match Google’s Material Design approach 
  • Bilingual typing is possible without switching keyboards 
  • The keyboard can, if authorised, learn using your writing style from sent emails and social network posts
  • Extensive typing stats can viewed
  • Automatic back up and sync of your typing profile, so that it is never lost

Written by: Michael Brown