SwiftKey Could Make iOS Appearance

SwiftKey on iOS

If prominent leaker @evleaks is to be believed, we could be seeing the immensely popular SwiftKey app hitting iOS in the near future.

SwiftKey is arguably the quickest way of using smartphone keyboards with its intuitive predictive AI helping to finish your sentences, but Apple has long been against apps altering its iPhone keyboard.

The Google Play store has seen a huge demand for SwiftKey since its release, becoming one of the most downloaded apps on the market.

Whilst it’s still thought that Apple won’t give SwiftKey complete reigns to the keyboard, that it may have some marginal alterations allowed, possibly in the next iOS update.

@evleaks has been a notorious leaker for a while now, often calling out smartphone news well ahead of any other online channel.

After leaking an image of SwiftKey being loaded up on an iPhone, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see it make an appearance sooner rather than later.

Of course leaks like this are still considered rumours, so until we see an actual announcement from the developer or Apple, we will be taking it with a pinch of salt.

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Written by Luke Hatfield