Super-Thin Vivo Phone Leaked

Vivo Phone

With smartphone screens getting bigger and bigger, many manufacturers are now focusing on producing thinner devices and it looks like we’re about to see the thinnest yet, measuring just 3.8mm.

Chinese manufacturer Vivo (not to be confused with the Brazilian network supplier under the same name), has apparently had several photos leaked showing the incredibly thin device, even picturing it next to the iPhone 5s.

The yet unnamed handset would be the thinnest smartphone ever made if the leaks prove true, shaving off 1.3mm from the previous holder, the Gionee Elife S5.1 which sizes up at 5.1mm.

What are your thoughts on this rumoured Vivo phone?

Two leaked pictures show off the Vivo handset, one simply showing the metal edged device on its side, and the other comparing it to the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 5s actually measures 7.6mm thick, which is by no means chunky, but the Vivo phone makes it look laughably big, being half of its width.

However, despite being freakishly thin there are some major reservations being held about the Vivo device, mainly surrounding specs. Having such a slim design means that the size of the Vivo’s battery would take a real slash, possibly resulting in multiple daily charges.

Also, packing in an effective camera module would also be a challenge, as shown on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, of which both have a protruding lens with their 6.9mm builds.

Another issue which dogged the iPhone 6 Plus was the ‘bend gate’ fiasco, within which some handsets actually bent under the pressure of tighter or restrictive clothing. Being just 3.8mm thin, it’s unlikely that this issue wouldn’t arise here either, with some sceptics claiming that the handset could even snap completely.

This would obviously result in a major problem for Vivo if it does happen, possibly risking injury to consumers thanks to battery issues when bending or snapping.

The Vivo phone puts the iPhone 5s to shame...

As we’ve been given no other information to go off following this leak it could turn out to be a set of hoax images. Also, considering that it isn’t a well-known brand here in the West it could be a tactic to get a name for itself.

Seeing as we haven’t had any news on specs as of yet, we’re still obviously in the dark surrounding a release date for the super-slim device, but if we are going to see it it’s almost guaranteed to be sometime next year.

Being a Chinese manufacturer, it is also highly likely than any device which is revealed next year would be staying in Asia for the foreseeable future, unless of course you opt to import in the hardware for an added cost.

Of course, when we receive more information on this 3.8mm smartphone we’ll be sure to keep you updated here!

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Written by Luke Hatfield