Steam app launches for Windows Phones

Steam app launches for Windows Phones

Valve, founded in 1996, has finally launched the Steam app for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1 this week. 

Valve is the creator of the some of the world’s most award winning games. Valve has a community of 65 million gamers from around the world and has created approximately 3,500 games.

Steam app

The Steam app is similar to the iOS and Android versions of the app and it is essential for Steam gamers, because it provides authentication for trading with friends and selling in-game items in the Steam Community Market, straight from the player’s inventory.

Steam app

Steam accounts are secured with Steam Guard multi-factor authentication and this provides a secure platform from which gamers can remotely download and install games, straight onto their home PC or laptop

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The Steam app also allows Steam gamers to participate in the Steam community, chat with Steam friends, browse user profiles, read the latest gaming news and view the Steam storefront, for finding unbeatable Steam sales and promotions.


So far the Steam app for Windows Mobile has received 247 ratings and from these 191 users awarded the app five stars, with a further 30 users giving the Steam app four stars. 

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Many of the reviews in the Windows App Store emphasise their thanks with ‘finally’, due to their dismay that Android and Apple phone owners have had the official Steam App for years.

Steam app for Windows

The Steam app has been built for Windows Phone as opposed to Windows 10 Mobile, in order to open the app up to as many Microsoft Lumia smartphone owners as possible. 

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This does however mean that the Cortana digital assistant will not be available to assist users, but this is only the first version of the Steam app for Windows, so additional tweaks and improvements may come in a future update.

Written by: Michael Brown