Spotify Coming Free to Mobiles and Tablets


Spotify has struck a deal to allow mobile users to play the music streaming service for free, no longer having to pay for a premium service for its use on mobile phones and tablets.

To use Spotify on your mobile phone or tablet currently requires you to enter payment details and sign up for a month’s free trial, but as of this week mobile users will have access to a ‘limited’ number of tracks for free.

The only platforms Spotify supported for free were the desktop/laptop versions of the service, but that’s set to change after the company struck a deal with three major music companies to help expand its reach into the mobile market.

The service will feature advertisements, similarly to the PC version, and will be akin to a custom radio station on mobile devices, using playlists users have previously created.

Spotify is expected to launch the updated service tomorrow (11/12/13), after securing the licensing deal with Sony, Universal and Warner.

Spotify currently has 20 million active users online, and features a 20 million song catalogue for the 6 million users who pay for its premium service.

The service is available on Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and BlackBerry World and all devices will be given access to the free service when released.