Sony Xperia Z Ultra Held Back

Xperia Z Ultra

Many of us were expecting the Sony Xperia Z Ultra to be an Android powered phablet, but it appears Sony has had a change of heart, turning the phablet into a Wi-Fi only tablet device.

There is further bad news as well from Sony, as it has also announced that the tablet will only be available in Japan for the foreseeable future.

Whilst it is fairly easy to say that the Z Ultra wasn’t massively anticipated by the consumers in the UK, it’s still a shame to see the tablet being restricted to Japan.

The specs still match up to the phablet version that it was previously listed as, with 2GB RAM and a 6.4” screen alongside the now standard waterproof capabilities we’ve come to expect from Sony.

The price tag isn’t a pretty one though, set to cost around £400, far more expensive than other competitors in the tablet market.

Whilst we are unhappy to see the Z Ultra focus only in Japan for the time-being, we wouldn’t quite fancy seeing a tablet that size over here for that kind of price either.

Sony is sure to eventually bring the tablet over here sooner or later, but maybe they’ll rethink the price tag before doing so.

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Written by Luke Hatfield