Sony Xperia Z announced: is it the world’s thinnest tablet?

Sony Xperia Z released: is it the world’s thinnest tablet?

Only two weeks ago, Sony announced the launch of its Xperia Z smartphone, jam packed with features such as a full 5 inch HD display, a 13 MP rear-facing camera and a 1.5 GHz processor. But now Sony is hitting the news again with the Xperia Z tablet, which is reported to be the world’s thinnest tablet to date.

At 6.9mm thick, Sony’s new tablet might just take the title, with its rival the iPad Mini measuring in at 7mm thick. What makes the Xperia Z stand out even more is the fact that it sports a much larger 10.1 inch screen, making the model incredible light considering its dimensions.

Speaking of weight, the Xperia Z tablet can also lay claim to the title of the world’s lightest tablet for its size. At only 495g, the tablet steals the prize away from the Toshiba Exite 10, which has previously been hailed as the lightest 10 inch tablet, at 639g.

Sony Xperia Z Smartphone

Not only has Sony ensured that the Xperia Z tablet will hit the record books, for the time being anyway, the company has also upped the ante in the device’s design and features. The tablet shares similar plastic covers which protect the ports as the Xperia Z smartphone, making the device both water and dust proof. That’s not where the similarities between Sony’s two new releases stop, either, as both devices have been designed to allow data transfer between the phone and the tablet using ‘one touch sharing’, making use of the handsets’ NFC capabilities.

Although the Xperia Z is being made available primarily in Japan, it is expected that the tablet will make its way to the rest of the world by mid-2013. Some observers have shown their concerns for the success of the Xperia Z tablet, claiming that consumers prefer tablets with smaller, 7 or 8 inch screens, rather that the mammoth 10 inch display of this model. However, with much hype surrounding the Xperia Z smartphone, the tablet version could prove popular as well. We aim to bring more details as soon as we get our hands on the tablet at MWC next month. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel