Sony Xperia Ear goes on Pre-order in the UK

Sony Xperia Ear goes on Pre-order in the UK

The latest news from Sony is that the Sony Xperia Ear has gone on pre-order in the UK . The Xperia Ear is priced at £179 and is exclusively available from the Xperia Store. The in-ear personal assistant will start shipping from mid-November 2016 and is compatible with Android smartphones running running Android 4.4 KitKat or later.

This in-ear personal assistant uses conversational voice interactions and simple head gestures to help you communicate and get things done. The Sony Xperia Ear provides useful information such as your schedule, news and weather and you can get it all without picking up your mobile phone.

Powered by Sony Agent Technology, The Xperia Ear responds to verbal commands. You can ask the wearable to perform internet searches, make calls, write messages or start navigating to an address.

The Xperia Ear can also read incoming text messages, Facebook messages and WhatsApp messages. A simple nod gesture initiates a response, and the response can be dictated by your voice.

Intuitive motion control

Sony Xperia Ear

The Xperia Ear uses accelerometer, gyroscope and proximity sensors to know if the wearable is in your ear, in its charging case or not in use. Reacting accordingly, the device knows when it is placed in the ear and automatically turns itself on and delivers your latest updates. Nods and shakes of the head allow the wearer to give commands without making a sound.

Xperia Ear host app

UK Xperia Ear

The Xperia Ear host app is used to manage and tailor the experience through a smartphone. Users can choose what info they want to hear at the start of the day, select apps for notifications, choose shortcuts and add other individualised tweaks.

Xperia Ear specifications

The Xperia Ear is designed to be wearable all day long, with a light and sleek form. The Xperia Ear weighs 6.8g and the charging case weighs 39g. The Ear has a 65mAh battery and the charging case holds another 300mAh of power, which will recharge the Ear when you are away from mains power.

Xperia Ear and Charging Case

The Xperia Ear offers a talk time of up to 4 hours, but when used with its charging case this increases to up to 16 hours. On its own, the Xperia Ear has a standby of 80 hours and has IPX2 water protection.

The wearable employees technologies such as background noise reduction, echo cancellation, dual microphones, balance armature driver and voice optimisation. It supports several languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian.

Although the Xperia Ear can be paired with other Android phones, it was created with the Xperia XZ, Xperia X Compact, Xperia X and Xperia X Performance in mind.

UK Xperia Ear

The UK marketing for the Xperia Ear sees Sony asking Tom Oxley, a London portrait photographer, to integrate the Xperia Ear into his life. The purpose was to create a mini-documentary on how the Xperia Ear, and its smart technology, can facilitate a busy modern life.

Tom Oxley said “As a photographer, I like to be aware of the world around me and I found it a liberating feeling not being tied to a smartphone. I was able to travel and work around the city, knowing Xperia Ear would remind me of my schedule and messages.”

The documentary shows how the Xperia Ear contributes as the photographer travels around London and meets with friends and work collaborators. The video below shows the scheduling of appointments, internet searches and navigating to meetings and appointments.

Xperia Ear commands

Here we list a selection of the Xperia Ear voice commands, giving owners an easy to refer to Xperia Ear cheat sheet:

  • Check the date - "Date" / "What's the date today?" / "What day is it today?"
  • Check the time - "Clock" / "What time is it now?" / "What's the time?"
  • Check the weather forecast - "Weather" / "What's the weather like in New York?" /"Is it going to rain in New York tomorrow?"
  • Make a phone call - "Make a call" / "Call Mike" / "Call Mike mobile"
  • Check missed calls - "Missed calls" / "Did I miss any calls?" / "Did anybody call?"
  • Return a phone call - "Call back" / "Call back Mike" / "Can you call back?"
  • Send text messages - "Create text message" / "Send a text message" / "Send a text message to Mike"
  • Check text messages - "Check new message" / "Did I get any new texts?" / "Read new text messages"
  • Check events in your calendar - "Check schedule" / "What's my next event?" / "Do I have anything tomorrow?"
  • Schedule new events in your calendar - "Create an event" / "Add an event for tomorrow" / "Create an event for tomorrow at 11 a.m."
  • Set an alarm - "Alarm" / "Wake me up at 7" / "Wake me up"
  • Set a timer - "Timer" / "Set the timer" / "Set the timer for four minutes"
  • Wikipedia search - "Wikipedia search" / "Search for Neptune on Wikipedia" / "Wikipedia search for pasta?"
  • Check the battery level - "Battery check" / "Remaining battery life" / "How much battery do I have left?"
  • Find your smartphone - "Find phone" / "Where's my phone?" / "Ring my cell"
  • Check the news - "News" / "Read the news" / "Tell me the news"
  • Play music - "Music" / "Play music" / "Play [Artist]" / "Play [Album Title]" / "Play the song [Song Title]"
  • App launch - "Open an app" / "Launch [Facebook]" / "Open [Twitter]"
  • Route search - "Route search" / "How do I get to Kings Cross from Trafalgar Square?" /
  • "Show me how to get to London Bridge"
  • Show map - "Open the map" / "I'd like to see the map" / "Show me a map of London"
  • Check how to use Assistant - "Help" / "What can you do?" / "Show me what I can do"

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Written by: Michael Brown