Sony to Jump on the Windows Phone Bandwagon?

After working for so long with the Android operating system (OS), it appears that Sony is set to change paths, as they are rumoured to be working on a Windows based smartphone.

Sony has worked with the Android OS for around four years, but with Windows Phone building some momentum; it appears other manufacturers might start working with the system.

Nokia currently boss the Windows Phone usage stats, holding a massive 92% of the market. But Microsoft is reported to be tempting other manufacturers to use their system, with companies like Sony, Samsung and ZTE being courted.

Sony could even have the Windows based smartphone ready for release by the middle of 2014, but details for any handset haven’t been released.

The device will reportedly be on the Vaio product line, a line which is used to running on Windows systems in the PC and laptop market.

Windows Phone took a huge step over 2013, building a reputation as a reliable and attractive OS, and despite lacking in the app department compared to Android and iOS, grew at an astonishing rate.

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By Luke Hatfield