Sony Gives IFA Teaser

Sony At IFA

Sony has decided to give us a glimpse of three upcoming devices ahead of IFA this September thanks to a short teaser video, which also features some cryptic clues for us to decipher.

Sony has recently switched to a six month product cycle, giving us a brand new flagship phone twice a year, something other manufacturers have steered clear of so far, so it makes sense to imagine that we’d see a new phone from Sony at IFA.

The video teaser is titled ‘The Time to Demand Great is coming’ and gives a mixture of clues, mainly in the form of a flip clock, which pinpoints three interesting details.

The first is 07:MM, which screams a thin design to us, especially seeing as the Xperia Z2 was 8.2mm thick.

So, this could mean that the Xperia Z3 will be noticeably slimmer than the Z2, or it could also mean that the Z3 Compact could be set for a downsize.

The next notable clue is H2:0, which is the chemical symbol for water, giving us a hint that the three devices set to be revealed by Sony will all boast water resistant technology.

This isn’t exactly new for Sony, with the Z1, Z1 Compact and Z2 all being IP67 certified, meaning that they could be submerged for around half an hour to a metre’s depth, but it’s still a nice touch.

The next clue isn’t a tough one to figure out, with the flip clock clearly showing us 03:SE:PT:14, which is an obvious mention to the date of Sony’s media event, where it’ll likely unveil the devices.

The rest of the flip clock looks like random numbers thrown together, apart from the c:U area, which could simply mean ‘see you’, unless it has some hidden meaning we haven’t figured out yet.

Can you make much more out of this teaser?

Towards the end of the video we’re also shown three silhouettes of upcoming Sony devices, funnily enough in a small, medium and large fashion.

This hints heavily toward the Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and Z3 Tablet, all of which have been rumoured to be featured at IFA from Sony.

Sony isn’t expected to showcase many other devices at the Berlin-based event, but then again it could try and surprise us, we can’t be sure though until the event is held.

Sony at IFA

IFA is set to feature plenty of other smartphones however, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 looking to become the star of the show before the iPhone 6 gets announced in a separate US based event on the 9th September.

Sony’s three devices are expected to hit the market later on in September, possibly before the end of the month in an effort to grab some sales heading into the Christmas period.

Prices are yet to be revealed by Sony, but you can expect more details once the devices are shown off in public.

What are your thoughts on the Sony teaser video? Will you be looking to pick up one of the three handsets before too long? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield