Snapchat Ditching Paid Lenses


It seems that smartphone users aren’t so willing to pay 79p for those kooky, over the top, but sometimes brilliant photo contorting lenses – after Snapchat confirmed that it will be ditching the scheme this week.

But whilst we certainly will miss the classic rainbow sick contortion which gave the service its kick start just a matter of months ago, there’s little else which will really be missed for many.

Goodbye to Snapchat Lens Store

Snapchat only employed the store recently, however, despite not giving an official reason why they’re pulling it down, we can only imagine that it’s because it’s not making any money.

In general, it was never a well-received move from the social media platform, originally offering lenses for free, and then taking some of the most popular and slapping a 79p price tag on them. Clearly, only a couple of users decided to take up the option, leading Snapchat to ditch the plan.

Kiss those paid lenses goodbye...

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You won’t be able to find any paid lenses on the store anymore by the end of the week, so make sure to buy any that you’re eager for now. You won’t be losing any lenses you’ve purchased before the closing of the service – so you needn’t get up in arms about your money being wasted.

It’s not the end of lenses though…

Whilst Snapchat won’t be including its 79p lenses on the app anymore, this doesn’t mean you won’t be getting to send your friends and family animated versions of yourself altogether.

In fact, Snapchat is keeping its free selection of lenses on the app, and is even upping the number of them from 7 to 10. We’ve not been given word on whether these will be previously seen on the store or not however.

This won’t be the best news for people who’ve bought a myriad of the different features though, as this has the potential to leave them out of pocket if they do used recycled lenses. This is obviously because they will have paid 79p for something which other people are now getting for free.

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Snapchat won’t be leaving the lenses there for good though, as it will be switching up its selection regularly, so there’s still reason to buy a specific lens if you need constant access to it.

What do you make of this decision by Snapchat to get rid of its paid lens store? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield