Smartwatch Sales show sharp decline

The rise of the smartwatch seemed to deliver something to that market that lots of people were interested in however the latest sales reports show that demand for the wearable devices is in decline. This latest news could spell the future further decline of this part of the wearable tech market.

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Declining Smartwatch sales

smartwatch sales figures

The latest market research from analysts IDC shows that smartwatch shipments have declined by 51.6% year on year. The analysis showed that a total of 3.5 million smartwatches were shipped in the second quarter of 2016 with 1.6 million of those being Apple smartwatches.

Apple Watch came out on top for overall shipments in the period but this was a significantly lower figure than their 3.9 million shipped during the same time last year.

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The five leading brands included Lenovo, Garmin, Samsung, LG and of course Apple with Garmin being the only brand among the top sellers seeing an increased shipment on the same period last year.

Due to the huge number of Apple units shipped last year and the significant drop on the annual figures for 2016 the overall figures for sales of smartwatches suffered the knock-on effect from the big drop from the Apple Watch sales.

These latest figures show that the consumer demand for smartwatches could be weakening, however this is the period during the year before the latest versions come out so some of the decrease could account for users waiting for a new release.

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It is also possible that early adopters that all purchased the inital smartwatch models are all happy with their current devices and are not going to follow the upgrade or replacement annually or biannually as we find with smartphones.

Smartwatches not for everyone

The lack of sales has been attributed, in part, to the difficulty in portraying a smartwatch with a defined purpose. Many retailers have focused on the fitness activity tracking capabilities of smartwatch models as this is the easiest aspect to market to specific audiences.

Apple switched their focus of the Apple Watch heading into the fitness device bracket rather than a luxury fashion accessory.

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The wearable technology market is fast moving and while the smartwatch seemed to be the next inevitable step perhaps users are now looking to the next big thing in wearables with the smartwatch being left behind.

Smartwatch Shipments

The IDC market research showed that the decline on Apple Watch devices shipped was 71.6% year on year and Garmin was the only brand to improve with shipments jumping from 0.1 million in the third quarter in 2015 to 0.6 million in the same time period this year.

apple smartwatch sales drop

The report also showed that the Moto 360 manufacturer Lenovo saw the biggest drop with a decrease of 73.3% and Pebble went from 0.2 million to just 0.1 million.

Smart Analogue Watch

There is speculation that some of these decreases can be explained by the models now being offered by traditional watchmakers. The likes of Fossil are focusing on Smart Analogue watch models for 2017 so we could see these figures become even lower from smartphone manufacturers as more watchmakers move into the market.

Do you have a smartwatch? Have you stopped using it or chosen not to update to another model? Share your smartwatch experience by commenting below.

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