Sky Mobile deals go live

Sky Mobile Network

Update: Sky Mobile deals go live

Sky Mobile is set to launch in mid-December with 12 month contracts on SIM only terms. The big news is that Sky Mobile has already attracted 46,000 pre-registrations for its network, which piggybacks off of O2’s infrastructure.

In 2017, Sky Mobile intends to offer its plans with the additional option to buy an Apple or Samsung phone.

The Sky Mobile deal

Sky Mobile Network

Sky Mobile intends to attract consumers with its data bundles, which permit the rolling over of unused data:

  • 1GB of data for £10 per month
  • 3GB of data for £15 per month
  • 5GB of data for £20 per month

In addition to the data bundles, consumers must decide on how they will pay for calls and texts:

  • Option 1 - Unlimited UK calls and texts for £10 a month (Free to Sky TV customers).
  • Option 2 - Pay As You Use (PAYU) where non-Sky TV customers pay for calls at 10p per minute and text messages at 10p per message.

Should the Sky Mobile data bundle be insufficient, then consumers can buy a 1GB Add On, as needed.

SIM only advantages

The Sky Mobile service has four key features:

  • Roll - Sky Mobile users will have a virtual ‘piggybank’ where the unused data, at the end of the month, gets rolled over for up to three years, for later use.
  • Mix - Sky Mobile users will be able to change their data, call and text plans, once per month..
  • Sync - Sky Mobile users will be able to sync with their Sky+ box in order to create playlists of the TV shows that they like to watch, for viewing wherever they are. 
  • Save - Sky TV customers do not need to pay for UK calls or texts.

Sky Mobile will allow each household to have up to five SIMs and Sky+ customers will also receive Sky Go Extra for free, a service which currently costs £60 per year.

Sky Mobile vs SIM only

Sky SIM only

When we compare Sky Mobile to our existing SIM only deals, we find that the Sky Mobile deal isn’t as competitive as Sky would like to make out.

Today you could get a SIM only deal from EE with unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of data, for £6 per month. You could get a good deal with Three and choose a SIM only deal with unlimited calls and texts and 4GB of data, for £8 per month.

If you are data mad, then Vodafone offers unlimited calls and texts and 20GB of data, for £10 per month. For the same price with Sky Mobile, even Sky TV customers would only get 1GB of data, which 20x less than the data offered by Vodafone.

iPad SIM only deals

So, our advice for now, for both Sky TV and non-Sky TV customers, is to save some money and buy one of the deals on our SIM only page.

Written by: Michael Brown

We originally broke this news story on 30th January 2015:

One of the UK’s biggest TV and internet providers is set to jump onto the mobile bandwagon in the near future, as Sky has apparently wrapped up a partnership with O2’s parent company, Telefonica.

Sky, which is currently found in 10 million UK based homes, has long been a provider of the three services consisting of TV, broadband and landline set-ups. But now it could be upping its game by launching its own mobile service, to provide four different services for the first time.

Quad Play

The move would mean that Sky could effectively bundle all of its packages together to offer ‘quad play’ opportunities for customers.

This type of deal allows for competitive pricing, as well as guaranteeing that you only get one monthly bill, rather than four separate ones, making it more manageable for households.

This type of deal is already quite popular in mainland Europe, and this move could trigger it to become a hit over here as well.

Virgin Media does have the capabilities to offer the service as well, but hasn’t marketed it too heavily, with many foregoing the Virgin Mobile network for bigger names on the market.

Busy Mobile Period

Whilst Sky is simply working in partnership with O2’s owner, there are still several other big deals going on right now which could result in the purchase of mobile networks over here.

The first of which actually features O2, which could be bought by the owner of Three Mobile for as much as £10bn, effectively merging two of the biggest UK based networks.

This deal would make the network the biggest in the country, overtaking EE, which is currently the market leader for 4G service.

However, EE is also in talks about a sale, with BT the potential buyer in a deal worth £12.5bn. This would also give them the opportunity to offer a quad play deal, with BT’s TV, internet and landline services critically acclaimed and massively popular already.

Both of these deals are still a long way off completion, with both subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

But whilst both deals could be achievable, they may face some protests about the lack of competition driving consumer costs up, which obviously wouldn’t be good news to the average consumer.

Sky Mobile Launch

Sky’s deal with Telefonica won’t be undergoing as many stringent checks as it’s not a full blown purchase, rather a partnership which allows the TV conglomerate to use O2’s masts to provide its own deals.

The likes of Tesco, Virgin and other smaller ‘networks’ work a similar process, although the customer service and deals are purchased through the corresponding company rather than O2.

Sky is set to officially get going next year, meaning it will be a little while before you start seeing any deals being advertised, but for prospective Sky customers, it looks like it could be a worthwhile deal.

What are your thoughts on this partnership? Would you consider getting a quad play deal with Sky? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield