Siri could have been an Android

Where would Apple be without Siri?

This question comes to mind after reading about the history of Siri and its birth, which was stolen away from Android users and exclusively tied up to the Apple brand.
The original Siri project was created by the United States Department of Defence with a 150 million-dollar development budget. The project took place over 5 years and drained the combined intelligence of 500 developers and was probably the largest artificial intelligence program in history.
A deal was under way with Verizon who wanted to release the digital assistant on its phones, which would have opened up access of Siri to all Android users. Apple realised the future possibilities of the product and swooped in before Verizon could put ink on paper, and so the birth of one of Apples most desirable applications came to be.
If the deal with Verizon had been sealed and released for Android would Apple still be on top?
'Search Engine' versus 'Do Engine'
The ultimate concept of Siri was to take a human step out of the search engine process. A search engine uses key words to create a list of possible resources where as a do engine understands a question, assesses the search engine results and either presents the best answer or actions the request prompted.
Could Siri be the death of human intelligence?
An interesting question when you consider that the car has stopped us walking, a text message has stopped us talking and computer games have stripped our youth of socialising in favour of a virtual reality.
If the future version of our digital friend makes our decisions for us will we become the machine enslaved by artificial intelligence?