Seecrypt app makes your phone calls untraceable

Seecrypt app makes your phone calls untraceable

An app available in the Apple and Google app stores for just £2 can make your texts and calls untraceable by the authorities.

The app, called Seecrypt, can also make it impossible for anyone to track who is making calls, and when and where they are calling from, which has sparked concern from anti-terrorism officials across the globe.

Seecrypt’s developers, a company called Porton, are based in the Cayman Islands, which has further invoked concern, as Western authorities will have no legal rights to access the data hidden by the app.

A counter-terrorism official based in the UK told the Daily Mail that this app has the potential to “enable the bad guys to get ahead".

However, the makers of Seecrypt have claimed that they are in fact working with authorities to iron out any concerns about the app enabling high profile criminals and terrorists. The Porton Group, which makes Seecrypt, also owns Cellcrypt, a military-grade app which has been used by the British military in warzones such as Afghanistan.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel