Samsung Z Hits Snag

Samsung X Hits Snag

It looks like we could be waiting a while for the first Tizen phone to make its way onto the market, after Samsung officially delayed the Samsung Z Tizen phone this week.

The Z, which was due to get released in Russia this month first looked like it was suffering issues when Samsung cancelled a Russian developer event set to feature the handset.

But it looks like its problems were a lot more serious than just a few minor niggles, after Samsung recently revealed that the handset would be delayed indefinitely.

Samsung Z

The Samsung Z would have been the first Tizen powered phone to hit the market, with Samsung looking to build its own operating system to rival Android and iOS, but it seems that the Korean company needs more time to work with it.

Will we ever get the Samsung Z on Tizen?

Samsung did release a short announcement, stating that the handset has been delayed to help ‘further enhance the Tizen ecosystem”.

This could mean a number of things; there could be a serious set of bugs that make the system harder to use, or it could mean that Samsung has had a rethink of the design, but the most popular theory recommends that Tizen needs more apps.

Questions are now hovering all over Tizen’s chances of actually making its way onto a smartphone in the future, with some users resigned to never getting their hands on the system.

Samsung has refused to comment on whether Tizen will be officially cancelled from smartphone use, but it would be a surprise to see the company wipe it out before it even got going, so we can imagine Samsung giving it another go for now.

One area where Samsung has seen a bit of success with Tizen though is on the wearable market, with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit featuring the system, which obviously runs quite differently than you’d expect on a smartphone.

Are we missing out on anything if Tizen doesn't come to our smartphones?

It’s not just Tizen we’re missing out on here though, with the Samsung Z hardware also being held back to coincide with the software release.

Samsung Specs

The handset was expected to feature a 4.8” Super AMOLED display, 16GB internal memory and 2GB RAM under the hood, whilst a fingerprint scanner and 8 megapixel camera also gave the device some great features as well.

A quad-core 2.3GHz processor was also coupled alongside a 2600mAh battery on the handset, but for now it looks like we won’t be getting our mitts onto it for a while.

There hasn’t been a new release date given by Samsung as of yet for the Samsung Z, most likely meaning that we won’t be hearing about it until next year.

However, if we’re lucky, Samsung could try and tempt in users to buy during December for the Christmas rush, but until we get official word we won’t know for sure.

So, what are your thoughts on the delay of the Samsung Z? Will we ever see it or Tizen here in the UK? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield