Samsung Working on Super-Sized 20" Tablet

Samsung Tablet

Bigger is apparently better when it comes to Samsung, as it has made noises towards making a humongous 20” tablet sometime in the future.

So far the biggest tablets we’ve seen from the Korean company is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, which funnily enough sized up at 12.2”.

But this move is obviously way ahead of the 12.2” device we have seen before, and Samsung will reportedly give it a high resolution screen.

Whilst it’s unknown just when the super-sized tablet will be available, it’s almost guaranteed that it will cost a fair chunk of our cash when it comes to pricing.

We’re not sure just how well these monster tablets will do either, whilst we do think they could be fairly successful, we don’t think that people will be using the devices to actually work on without a physical keyboard.

Bluetooth keyboards could obviously be connected, but computing power will certainly struggle to meet the standards of desktop and laptop PCs.

It could be an exciting prospect to see from Samsung, but it could be while until we hear from it again, with Samsung having to focus on the current batch of Samsung devices.

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Written by Luke Hatfield