Samsung Wins US Ban on Some Apple Products

Apple Vs. Samsung

The Samsung vs. Apple court wars have been raging on for some years with both companies insisting on taking each other through the system all around the world. There are many patents under dispute between Apple and Samsung with various technologies in the smartphones and tablets being fought over.

Mobile Phone Wars

The latest round in the battle goes to Samsung with the US International Trade Commission issuing a limited exclusion order and a cease and desist order against Apple. This latest ruling has surmised that Apple is infringing on patents owned by Samsung, this relates to older products which include the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G.

All of these products are sold through the American carrier AT&T, and the order will prohibit the selling of these products deemed to be in violation of the patents held by Samsung. 

There is a 60 day time frame for this to come into force during which the decision will be taken to President Obama for approval or rejection. Should the decision be rejected by the White House then the products will continue to be sold and Apple will not have to comply with this latest ruling. Should the decision be approved then Apple still has the right to appeal so the decision could be rumbling through the court system for a bit longer before we see products being removed from the shelves in the USA.

A spokesperson from Apple has indicated that Apple will take the appeal route and this latest case will not affect product availability in the US.

Courtroom Drama

Apple begun the court drama in 2011 by filing against Samsung claiming that the Korean manufacturer had infringed on intellectual property and patents as well as trademarks and style of their products with the main product being the Samsung Galaxy S. Apple presented images of the Galaxy S and the iPhone 3GS side by side to show how similar they were in design right down to the icons used for apps. At the time it was thought that Apple had started the whole thing due to concerns over how popular the Galaxy S had become and with the Galaxy S4 continuing the trend the two manufacturers are continually vying for the top smartphone spot. It was later discovered that the images had been changed to make them look similar, Samsung then shot back with cases against Apple in Seoul, Tokyo, Germany and later the UK and USA.

By August 2011 the battle between the two mobile phone giants had increased to 19 law suits in nine countries which had risen to 50 cases by July 2012 all around the world.

The billions of dollars in damages claimed between them would be a big cash injection should either of them win, however the previous results have been a backwards and forwards between the two parties with appeals dragging the whole thing along a much bigger timescale.

The money spent on lawyers on each side is pretty substantial however the ongoing publicity and news coverage has made it into one very expensive but somewhat effective advertising campaign, with Samsung and Apple fans taking their respective sides.

Do you think the original Galaxy S was copied from the iPhone? Where do you stand? Is Apple correct or has Samsung got a case? Let us know what you think of the Samsung vs. Apple battle by joining the conversation on Google+, Facebook or Twitter or login below to comment.

Written by: Carmel Brown

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