Samsung to Reveal Galaxy F Smartphone

Samsung looks like they might be doing an Apple, by releasing two flagship smartphones in tandem, with the rumoured Samsung Galaxy F to go besides the upcoming S5.

The Galaxy F has been in the works for a while according to reports, and is set to be a premium smartphone on the very top-end of the market.

While the S5 is considered Samsung’s biggest upcoming release, the Galaxy F is set to be more expensive, featuring an aluminium case, instead of the S5’s plastic shell.

Specifications are sketchy at best, but it’s thought that the Galaxy F will be on a par with the S5 under the hood, but due to the premium design, will cost more.

Both handsets are rumoured to share similar release dates, much like Apple’s tandem launch of the iPhone 5s and 5c last year, which proved hugely successful.

There are also reports of the Galaxy F already having a prototype handset built somewhere in Europe, with the Korean company keeping quiet about the potential release.

But it’s almost certain that the smartphone will feature a metal back casing, similar to the HTC One, a super-sharp QHD 2K display and a flexible OLED screen.

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By Luke Hatfield