Samsung to Open 15 UK Stores

Samsung Store

Samsung is bringing the smartphone war onto the high street battlefield, opening up 15 high street stores across the UK in a joint venture with Phones 4 U.

The stores will be branded similarly to the way Apple stores are branded, but will be staffed by members of the popular high street mobile retailer, Phones 4 U.

This brings Samsung into the firing line of Apple’s high street dominance of the mobile phone market with its high quality in-store help.

The stores will feature Samsung smartphones, accessories and wearable technology along with other Samsung brand devices.

It’s unknown whether Samsung will be offering in-store help like the Genius Bar which can be found at every Apple store though.

Whilst a list of stores hasn’t been published as of yet, it is thought that Samsung will target the UK’s major cities, meaning the likes of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool will see new stores on their high streets.

Samsung had opened specific stores during the 2012 London Olympics with Phones 4 U, and will now look to open more of these stores in the near future.

Apple currently has 37 UK stores, and makes more money per square foot globally compared to any other high street chain.

We can expect to see Samsung to start gracing our high streets later on this year.

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Written by Luke Hatfield