Samsung Tizen Phone to be launched by September

Samsung Tizen smartphone
With everyone’s focus on the Galaxy S4 and the huge success that Samsung enjoys from their Android smartphones it may be a surprise to some that a high-end Tizen smartphone is coming from the Korean manufacturer.
Even with the massive success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and other Android devices Samsung is diversifying their offerings by developing the Tizen OS platform in conjunction with 11 partners.
The open-source Tizen platform is being heralded as less restrictive than Google's Android OS and being in on the development from the beginning should see any Samsung Tizen devices working well with the new OS.
Executive Vice President of Samsung Mobile, Lee Young hinted at Tizen devices by saying a device "in the high-end category" could be heading our way in August or September.
So far there are no devices running the new OS although the open-source platform working with so many partners to develop it should see a whole bunch of Tizen phones launched later this year.
Do you think anything can knock Android off their top spot? Would you choose a Tizen device? What do you think the new OS will have to offer to really compete? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @Mobilephonescom or login to comment below.

Written by: Carmel Brown