Samsung smartwatch to be unveiled at IFA?

Samsung smartwatch to be unveiled at IFA?

We’ve heard pretty much every rumour going about smartwatches trending this year, but so far we’ve seen nothing to back up these claims. However, insiders at Sam Mobile have confirmed that we can expect to see a Samsung smartwatch previewed at this year’s IFA event in Berlin.

Previous rumours suggest that Samsung will roll out its own Altius operating system especially for its smartwatch, though it’s yet unclear whether this will work as a standalone OS, or if it will be laid over the top of Google’s Android.

At this year’s CES and MWC we saw a variety of smartwatches incusing the I’m Watch from Italy. However, despite the hints and promises, we are still waiting to catch a glimpse of such a device from the big guns such as Apple, LG and Google.

Although very few details have emerged as to what features and functions the Samsung smartwatch will offer, we have made an attempt to predict what the device might look like:

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel