Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini on the Horizon

Samsung Galaxy S5 Colours

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has only just hit the shelves we're already hearing word of a possible S5 Mini reaching us this June.

Miniature variants of smartphones are common place nowadays, with the likes of the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini both seeing plenty of success on the high street.

This comes down to some users actually favouring a smaller handset as opposed to a larger, harder to handle smartphone.

But this move from Samsung is an expected one, having released the S4 Mini just a couple of months after the original S4.

Whilst details are pretty thin about the upcoming S5 Mini, we do expect it to pack Android 4.4 and a Super AMOLED display, but in terms of other specs, we’re being forced to wait.

All of this stems from an Indian import website which has seen a mysterious listing from Samsung which is most likely going to be the smaller variant of the S5.


Notorious Twitter leaker @evleaks managed to snap a quick picture of Samsung's S5 Mini page, which was apparently listed online by accident.

Funnily enough, Samsung could be using a different name for the handset, with this leak dubbing it the S5 Dx. We're not entirely sure what Dx means or stands for, but it would be a nice twist to stray away from the now overused 'Mini' or 'Compact' namesakes.

S5 Mini Leak

Specs have also started to come out online, with the Samsung S5 Dx (Mini) coming in with a not-so-small 4.5" Super AMOLED screen which is actually larger than the iPhone 5s.

A quad-core Snapdragon processor is set to make the cut, along with 1.5GB RAM and 16GB internal memory, which will be expandable.

The same waterproof and dustproof IP67 rating is sticking around from the S5 flagship, but the camera is getting dumbed down slightly to an 8 megapixel effort on the back. The front camera is settling at 2 megapixels as well, with the heart rate sensor not making an appearance.

Finally, a 2100mAh battery is supplying the power this time round, and Samsung will most likely include the battery saving mode to help extend its life.

Pricing up at around £375 SIM-free, the S5 Dx (Mini) will certainly be a much more wallet friendly option for Samsung fans if they don't fancy picking up a standard S5.

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When we hear more about the S5 Mini, we will be sure to let you know, so sit tight and keep your eyes and ears open!

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Written by Luke Hatfield