Samsung reveals plans to launch smartphone with a curved screen

Samsung to release a smartphone with a curved screen

We have heard from the horse’s mouth (that is to say Samsung’s) that smartphones with flexible screens are on their way, but now the South Korean company has finally confirmed that it will be releasing the first device of its type next month.

We caught a glimpse of a prototype with a flexible screen at CES in January, but until now we’ve not heard hide nor hair of the technology since.

Samsung’s curved screen smartphone will be launched in South Korea next month, though very few details about the device, or its plans to hit the UK market, have been kept under wraps.

It has been said, however, that the device will form part of Samsung’s Active range of rugged smartphones, sitting alongside the likes of the Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy S4 Active.

With the iPhone 5s having been launched just last week, there couldn’t be more of a divide between Apple and Samsung, and the news of Samsung’s latest venture does nothing more than to highlight this fact. While Apple is intent on offering simplicity through its premium products, Samsung continues to stretch the boundaries of innovation in its ever-evolving product line.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel