Samsung Reveals Four Tablets at CES

Samsung has announced its first 12” tablet at the CES in Las Vegas, as it looks to make the first move in the larger tablet battle between itself and Apple.

Apple has been linked with the iPad ‘Pro’ for a while now, a tablet that is on the larger side, as a way to replace notebooks or smaller laptops, but it seems Samsung will be taking the plunge first with this launch.

The oversized tablet has featured at this years’ CES, where the press and public have a chance to get a decent look at it before they make up their minds.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2" boasts a 12.2” screen, 3GB RAM and a Snapdragon processor.

The device will run on Android and features an 8 megapixel rear mounted camera as well.

Apple will no doubt be working on a competitor, but are keeping quiet about any developments with a new iPad.

Tablets have seen a surge in popularity, especially over the festive period, with consumers verging towards handheld devices ahead of laptops and desktop PC’s.

Update: Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2" at the CES in Las Vegas along with three other models; the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2", 10.1" and 8.2".

All of the devices will be available by the end of March, with prices being kept under wraps by the Korean firm at this point in time.

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By Luke Hatfield