Samsung reveal flexible phone prototype

Samsung's flexible phone

Samsung used its keynote address at CES to unveil a prototype of its much anticipated flexible mobile phone. Developed under the company's new Youm brand, this demonstrated Samsung's advances with the tech but also how we're some way off it hitting our shelves.

Running with Windows Phone 8, which was a statement in itself, the demonstration underlined Samsung's advances in screen technology, which appears to be streets ahead of its competitors.

Our main image shows a super flexible handset, which is being twisted and bent without any distress to the screen. However the most likely first iteration will have have the screen bent around the handset's edge, which can be seen in this image below from The Verge's exclusive hands-on demo

Samsung's flexible phone

This means that the flexible screen will be fixed, likely giving users a tray of apps, or a ticker bar with updates, that can be viewed without having to see the full display.

No specs have been given for the phone, other than it using a 5-inch screen and this is for good reason. The Verge reported that the prototype isn't actually a phone, lacking an operating system and other features you'd expect to find in a smartphone.

The Telegraph also reported from CES that the demo handset 'featured a flexible display attached to a small processing box' indicating the power needed to run the unit. This illustrates that despite these advances in the screen, it's likely to be years before we see a phone with a flexible screen on the market.


Written by Damian Carvill