Samsung Reveal 8GB Mobile RAM

Samsung has confirmed that their most recent innovation to the mobile phone market will be their new 8GB mobile RAM, with the Galaxy S5 most likely to be the first handset to feature it.

The new bit of hardware not only increases the speed that the handset can operate, but also uses less battery power than its predecessor.

The kit itself will be used in large screen, high resolution smartphones, tablets and ultra-slim notebooks.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 will almost certainly be the first device to feature the new tech, there will be plenty of other smartphones capable of using it, with all 64-bit handsets able to use the extended RAM.

The Korean company state that the hardware uses 40% less battery power than its predecessor, and that it is by far the most dense mobile RAM available right now.

Apple will be sure to come out with their own version of the kit, which will obviously be used to compete with the S5 when the iPhone 6 is released, but it appears that Samsung are winning the development battle between the two companies at the moment.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 hasn’t got a confirmed release date right now, but it is expected to be released in early 2014, possibly February or March.

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By Luke Hatfield