Samsung Q Folding Smartphone to be Launched?

Galaxy Q folding smartphone
It seems that the line between tablet PC and smartphone is set to blur even more if the market reports are confirmed and Samsung launches the Samsung Galaxy Q. This unique concept has been played with before by Samsung in older test models but now the technology required is behind this device that could well become the top seller of 2013.
The Galaxy Q is reported to be a folding phone that has two 5.3-inch displays that when opened form one large tablet sized screen. At 1080p high-definition this could be a real winner for those who love the tablet experience but find carrying such a large device around unpractical.
The rumoured specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Q are indeed high-end with 2GB RAM, a dual-core 1.7GHz processor and Android 4.2.1.  An 8-megapixels camera will deliver high quality photos and a forward facing 2-megapixels camera can be used for making video calls.
Samsung is hinged to release half a dozen new phones in the first half of the year but this really could be the one to watch. If the two screens can also be used as individual entities then multitasking will be an incredible experience that will win over both personal and business users. Just imagine the uses for having two web pages open side by side or Twitter and Facebook sitting neatly next to each other.
If the Samsung Galaxy Q delivers on its promises then expect to see a lot of second hand tablets for sale on ebay! If there is a downside to this upcoming revolution then we can’t imagine what it would be, can you?