Batch of New Samsung Phones Announced

Samsung Phones

Samsung has officially given us a Christmas surprise, revealing three new smartphones just ahead of the festive period.

Working from the template of the previously launched handsets, the Galaxy A3 (2016), A5 (2016) and A7 (2016) are the three devices being put on offer, offering up a variety of specs for Samsung fans to choose between.

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

The smallest phone of the trio, the A3 (2016) has seen the biggest jump compared to the previous phones on offer, with the screen being the first amendment – growing to 4.7” and boasting a HD resolution.

The cameras have been improved notably as well, rising to 13 megapixels on the back and 5 megapixels on the front. A Snapdragon 410 chipset is an expected appearance, whilst 16GB internal memory can be expanded with a MicroSD card.

Will these new Samsung phones be a hit?

A similar quad-core processor and 1.5GB RAM make the cut once again, although as a whole it’s a solid improvement compared to last year’s handset. This is further proven by the increased 2,300mAh battery, which should help deal with the increased screen size.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

The middle handset of the trio, the Galaxy A5 (2016) has also seen a number of changes following its predecessor, with the screen growing to 5.2”and boasting an improved 1080p resolution.

Samsung has also ditched last year’s quad-core processor, instead packing the new model with an octa-core effort which is much faster. 16GB expandable storage and 2GB RAM both stay put however.

It shares a camera with the new A7 model, packing 13 megapixels and 5 megapixels, with OIS included. We also get a fingerprint scanner, which works alongside Samsung Pay, which is one of the more noticeable feature improvements.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

The biggest and most powerful phone off the Samsung conveyor belt is that of the A7 (2016), and it all gets started with the 5.5” phablet-esque screen which boasts full HD quality. An octa-core processor runs in the background for added speed, whilst 3GB RAM is the highest we’ve seen on a Galaxy A device.

16GB internal memory is the standard inclusion, although you can boost this like the other phones, with a MicroSD card almost a necessity if you want to download a lot of music.

What do you make of the new Samsung A7 (2016)?

Like the A5, we get the same fingerprint scanner and Samsung Pay feature, making the A7 the best phone of the trio by quite a bit – although you can expect to pay the most for it as well.

Unfortunately, we’re yet to see some confirmed pricing details for the phones, so we’ll need to wait and see on that front. However, the phone will launch in mid-December in China, with other territories having to wait.

This could mean we don’t see the phones in the UK until January, although we have our eyes out for a pre-Christmas launch, even if it’s unlikely.

What do you make of these new Samsung phones? Will you be looking to invest in one of them when they arrive? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield