Samsung Opens up Fingerprint Technology to Developers

Fingerprint Scanner

Could we be seeing the end of passwords? It’s definitely a possibility for Samsung lovers, after the Korean company has allowed app developers to use its latest fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Apple has always kept its fingerprint scanner from the iPhone 5s away from third-party app developers, meaning that the kit can only be used and accessed by Apple itself, but Samsung has gone in a separate direction.

Samsung recently revealed the Galaxy S5 at MWC in Barcelona, and labelled the fingerprint scanner as a key feature, after Apple debuted the kit last year.

This move to allow developers access to the technology means that apps could allow access via fingerprint rather than entering a password.

This of course spells bad news for our trusty passwords, but does improve security considering most of us have our passwords either written down somewhere or use the same one for multiple logins.

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So, could we be using our fingerprints to get into Facebook, Twitter or any of our other apps? Arguably so if the developers use the kit to its full capability and make sure it’s a part of updates in the future.

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Written by Luke Hatfield