Samsung makes 8 out of 10 top Android devices in use

samsung dominates top android devices in use

So we have all known for a while that Samsung has been doing very well in the market with their devices and their product domination seems even more impressive than first thought.

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Mobile analytics firm Localytics has published a report that shows Samsung has 8 out of the 10 top spots for Android devices in use.

Unsurprisingly the stats show that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is in the number one spot and as these have been flying off the shelves it is bound to remain there for a while, until Samsung take another spot with their anticipated Galaxy SIV.

The lineup continues with the Samsung Galaxy SII in second place followed by the Galaxy Ace and then the Galaxy Note. The Note II and Galaxy Y sit in 5th and 5th positions with the Kindle Fire creeping in amongst the Samsung family at position 7, with the majority of Kindle Fire users being based in the US.

The Galaxy Tab 2.7 and Epic 4G are the other Samsung devices in the top ten with the Motorola DROID RAZR making an appearance at number 9.

This impressive lineup from Samsung amongst the top ten devices by users in January 2013 confirms the domination of the Korean manufacturer and with their continued focus on delivering innovative smartphones we should see this trend continue.

All of these figures add up to Samsung having a whopping 47% of the Android market, with the rest of the competitors trailing far behind.

Will 2013 continue to be the time of the Samsung Android or can another manufacturer come in and take the top spot?