Samsung Galaxy V Listed Online

What does Samsung have up its sleeve?

Samsung’s conveyor belt is rolling on through the summer it seems, after a listing for a brand new budget smartphone appeared online this week.

The handset, which runs as part of the hugely popular Galaxy line, is named the V, which isn’t considered to be from the Roman numeral style for five, instead being considered as the letter.

The specs for the handset aren’t exactly mind blowing; with a 4” 480x854 display clarifying its position as a budget model without a doubt.

A 1.2GHz processor has made the cut, but we aren’t being given a manufacturer for the chipset, whilst 512MB RAM handles most of the heavy lugging for the device.

4GB internal memory also makes an appearance, thankfully alongside an SD memory card slot, meaning it should be able to keep all of our pictures and media stored safely.

Is the Galaxy V ever going to hit the UK?

On the camera front we’re being given an underwhelming 3 megapixel lens on the back, whilst there is no sign of any front based lens, most likely in an effort to keep the cost of the handset as low as possible.

Android 4.4.2 KitKat does find a home in the budget Samsung handset though, giving us an up to date piece of kit to play with, however it’s unlikely that it will be seeing many more upgrades head its way unless absolutely necessary.

The phone was listed on a Vietnamese website, which could mean that it could be limited to Eastern markets, hence the name V, which could well stand for Vietnam.

With specs like this though, it’s unlikely that many Samsung fans will be too disappointed if it doesn’t decide to head in a westerly direction, especially considering the many hundred budget smartphones we already have the choice of in our average trip to the high street.

For those interested though, the website is listing the Galaxy V at $108, which equates to around £65 sim free, meaning monthly deals could be well below the £15 mark, with a free handset.

Of course, if it does make its way to the UK, it could well be considered as a handy back-up smartphone, or a device that is great for simply handling calls, sending texts as well as dealing with your standard smartphone uses.

A release date hasn’t been confirmed for the handset just yet though, but with it already being listed online, it shouldn’t be too long a wait for it to hit shelves, with a release before the end of the month a certainty for sure.

Flagship smartphone fans shouldn’t have to wait too long for the next Samsung release though, with the hugely anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 4 expected to out itself at IFA in Berlin this September, along with a number of other Samsung devices.

But for now it looks like they might have to put up with the wait, just remember; a watched pot never boils!

As more information makes its way into the public domain we’ll be sure to let you know! But for now, you can always follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield