Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumours

With the Galaxy Note 4 now out of the traps, attention has now switched to Samsung’s next flagship device, the Galaxy S6.

Widely considered the main competition for Apple’s iPhone series, the Galaxy S line-up was last buoyed by the S5, meaning the S6 is an obvious successor.

So with rumours of the handset swirling, we take a look at what we could see in the upcoming Samsung device!

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Samsung Display

Reports coming from the innards of Samsung are suggesting that the S6 will be taking heavily from the Galaxy Note 4’s book when it comes down to its display.

A QHD resolution display is the obvious step up from the S5’s 1080p display, and shouldn’t be hard to produce considering it has already been included on the larger Samsung device.

Size is something that many experts are unsure of for now, with Samsung design executives still likely to be squabbling over the perfect size for the handset.

We can make a fairly safe assumption that the screen should be between 5.1” and 5.4”, obviously depending on how close to phablet territory Samsung plan on taking it.

Could we see the Note 4's display on the Galaxy S6?

Some other rumours suggest that a curved display could take the helm for the S6, similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

It's Edge Display is yet to be properly integrated on a widespread device, and the S6 could end up being this opportunity.

SamMobile also recently mentioned the possibility of the S6 boasting an Edge Display, further backing the chances of the technology featuring on the device when it does arrive.

Reports have also claimed that there will be two Galaxy S6 devices, one of which will sport the Edge Display. 

This limited edition version of the S6 will apparently ship around 10 million units, making it much more exclusive than the standard S6 which will move plenty more than this.

Further reports also state that the S6 Edge display variant will have curved screens on both sides of the handset, offering practical use for both left and right handed users.

Also, a new notification system, which lights up both Edge Displays when a message is received could be used, with contacts being assigned to specific colours as well.

A recent claim from import tracking website Zauba has claimed that Samsung will in fact be lowering its screen size to just 5" with the S6.

Could we see a 5" display from Samsung with the S6?

This would make both versions of the S6, smaller than the S5, albeit not by too much...


The style of the S5 was criticised heavily upon its release last March, mainly because fans wanted a metallic build and were given plastic once more.

Rumour has it that Samsung has finally learnt its lesson, this time implementing a construction similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Of course, this leaves the Alpha's successor out in the cold as it's unlikely that Samsung is planning on releasing two similar devices.

Pictures have even been leaked purportedly showing the the metallic chassis that the S6 will feature. The image does look legit, but as always, take it with a pinch of salt for now.

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy S6 will feature a metal chassis?

Another rumour states that graphene could be used in the manufacturing process, a material which is incredibly thin but super strong, however this is unlikely.

One material which is certainly more likely is glass, which is also being heavily rumoured ahead of the S6 announcement, much like that on the Sony Xperia handsets of late.

This would bring an end to Samsung's love of removable batteries as well as the IP68 certification that adorned the S5, but would make the S6 much more desirable overall.

With the ever impending launch of the S6 coming closer, we've seen numerous leaked images of proposed cases for the S6, obviously showing off the design of the handset as well.

Will this be the design of the Galaxy S6?

Spigen is the most well-known brand of case manufacturer, and its design looks pretty realistic, so here's hoping to this picture being on the money!

More leaked picture of Galaxy S6 cases seem to prove the thickness of the upcoming handset - reportedly 6.8mm. The picture shows the profile view of the case and the handset on its own.

Could the S6 be thinner than the iPhone 6?

If this is true, it makes it 0.1mm thinner than the iPhone 6, although this is a minor difference, it's likely that Samsung will count it as a step up over its iPhone toting rivals.

T-Mobile USA has also revealed a picture of what looks like the Edge variant of the Galaxy S6 on its latest mobile sign-up page.

The picture shows off the Edge Display on the right side of the device. It's not yet nkown whether the handset will feature an Edge Display on both sides.

Is this the S6 Edge Display?

Samsung has tweeted a series of videos ahead of the S6 release, with one showing off a glance of the handset. It doesn't reveal too much, but it seems to show off a thin profile.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs

A screenshot from Antutu's benchmarking site has recently revealed the apparent specs for the Galaxy S6, confirming many of the rumours we've already heard.

Are these the specs of the Galaxy S6?

Set to sport a minimum 32GB we also imagine that the S6 will have 64GB and 128GB storage options, so it looks as if the South Korean company is casting out the 16GB base model at last.

MicroSD card support is set to stick around, meaning that in theory, you can have a whopping 256GB of storage if you shell out enough cash.

3GB RAM is also confirmed to come along for the ride, unless Samsung somehow squeezes in even more memory, meaning the possibility of 4GB not completely out of the question.

Further suggestions state that a 4GB RAM version of the S6 could be sold in certain markets like the UK and US, whilst other territories would be offered a more affordable 3GB version. 

Coming with either an Exynos 7420 or Snapdragon 810 chipset (depending on what region you buy it in), the Galaxy S6 will boast breakneck speeds alongside superb efficiency.

Both chipsets also offer 64-bit support, and the rumoured octa-core processor will help things run super smoothly behind the scenes as well.

Keeping everything going under the hood is a rumoured 4,000mAh battery, once again packing the Ultra Power Saving Mode seen on previous Samsung devices.

Other rumours seem to be claiming that the S6's battery could well be smaller than that of the S5 in an effort for the thin design we're seeing.

Pictures of the batteries have also been leaked online, showing them in the flesh. Of course, these could be any old batteries, so don't start holding your breath just yet!

Are these the batteries set for the S6?

Galaxy S6 Features

Features are always a major talking point when it comes down to new flagship handsets, and the S6 is no different.

E-Ink Case:

A leaked image shown online claims that Samsung is looking to employ an e-ink case for the Galaxy S6, turning the flagship handset into a great e-reader as well as a smartphone. It's not yet confirmed however, and we have no word on whether it would be included or come separate to the handset, so don't go holding your breath!

What do you make of this e-ink style case?

3D Display:

This feature isn't exactly the most useful, but rumours have suggested that it could well be a possibility. The Amazon Fire Phone worked through perspective display, making it appear 3D, so could this make an appearance on the S6?

Retina Scanner:

This rumour comes around every year, and each time it's completely shot down on release. But could this finally be the year we get a retina scanner?

It's not likely, but then again it would certainly drive plenty of sales, even if it did turn out to be a bit of a gimmick.

Could we finally see a retina scanner on a smartphone?

Fingerprint Scanner:

This already features on the S5 but was heavily criticised because of the method in which you had to use it. Instead of sliding your finger down on the S6, Samsung may opt to have you simply place your finger on the reader like on Touch ID.

Of course, Samsung might stick to its guns as well, but it's certainly a plausible move for it to make if you ask us!

S6 Camera

Now a key aspect when it comes down to smartphone shopping, a good camera can really effect a handset’s marketability, something Samsung knows all about with the likes of its Galaxy K Zoom model.

The S6 is set to take once more from the Note 4, using the same lens that was included on the phablet device.

However, the recent leak of specs suggests a possible improvement on the Note’s lens, upping from the 16 megapixel effort to a 20 megapixel version, similar to the one found on the Sony Xperia Z3.

On the front side of the device it looks like we could also be getting a 5 megapixel effort as well, meaning those selfies should be looking as good as ever!

An inside hint directly from Samsung has also claimed that there will be a 20 megapixel snapper making the cut on the S6, whilst OIS technology will also be included.

Samsung is sure to include a number of software features to make the camera better than ever as well, but we’ll have to wait and see to find out more on this subject.

What can we expect to see from the Galaxy S6's camera?


Tizen has failed once again to capture the imagination of consumers, and it looks like even Samsung is beginning to question its profitability.

If Tizen isn't being included, you can bet your house that Android Lollipop will be the operating system available out of the box come the S6's release.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date

Samsung has officially released a date for its pre-MWC smartphone event, alongside this nice little hint of a curved screen with this invite.

When will the Galaxy S6 be unveiled?

Alongside this picture, Samsung has given a March 1st date for the event, meaning we'll be getting both variants of the handset during the conference!

Carphone Warehouse has also begun pre-registration for the Galaxy S6, meaning that the big name mobile phone business is almost guaranteed to stock it. This is of course just to register your interest in the device, so it doesn't guarantee you a device, but pretty much confirms its UK arrival.

As more information comes to light regarding the Samsung handset we’ll be sure to keep this page updated, so make sure to keep your eyes open!

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Written by Luke Hatfield