Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom in Testing Phase

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung is reportedly testing out a prototype version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom, the successor of the Galaxy S4 Zoom, it has been revealed.

Whilst the S4 Zoom wasn’t in huge demand after its release, it appears that it did well enough for Samsung to make an upgraded version.

Whilst we are now expecting the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone to be revealed during MWC week, considering the time-frame between the S4 and S4 Zoom, we could see the new Zoom in May or June.

The Zoom product line aims at mixing a powerful digital camera and the smartphone, whilst also adding a zooming lens, hence the name.

The handset last year offered a superb camera, but felt bulky and slightly less responsive compared to phones without a humungous lens attached to its back side.

Having said that, the camera on the S4 Zoom did offer brilliant quality, and was more than capable of taking on digital cameras when comparing different shots.

Whether you loved it or hated it, we will most likely be seeing another rendition of the Galaxy Zoom from Samsung later on this year.

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Written by Luke Hatfield