Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumours

No sooner had the Samsung Galaxy S4 hit our shelves than the sneaky leaksters started gathering up intelligence about the next Galaxy S smartphone scheduled for 2014.

So what can we expect to see on the Samsung Galaxy S5? Is Samsung eventually going to break out of its monotonous spell? Here’s a roundup of what we know so far…

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Samsung releases teaser video!

The S5 will have a metal body

UPDATE: A leak from Vodafone has shown us a glimpse of a possible colour choice for the Samsung Galaxy S5, with an apparent gold version of the handset on the cards.

As you can see below, the picture shows a gold S5 besides other gold handsets, like the iPhone 5s and HTC One, and is reportedly from Vodafone's inventory list.

Critics have been harping on about the use of metal rather than plastic in Samsung smartphones for months now, yet with each handset release that passes by, they are left somewhat disappointed.

So will 2014 finally be the year for the aluminium encased S5?

Many of the latest rumours are suggesting that we will spot not one but two versions of the new S5 flagship in 2014, similarly to iPhone's decision to launch both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c this year.

If this is the case, then more likely than not there will be an S5 for every type of user; one slightly cheaper with a plastic shell, and another for the metal-lovers looking for a more premium feel.

Bezel Free Design

Reports are coming out of South Korea stating that the S5 could be completely bezel free, meaning that we could see and edge-to-edge display.

This is something that the Korean company has been working on since 2012 apparently, and could begin paving the way for more bezel-free efforts in the future.

5.3-inch screen

In terms of specs, the Galaxy S5 is rumoured to feature a massive 5.3-inch screen, sitting half way between the S4 and the Note 3. The S5’s display is also rumoured to have a 556 ppi density, which would beat any other smartphone currently on the market by a country mile.

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S5?

S5 to have a 20MP camera?

Samsung seems intent on packing megapixels into its smartphone cameras, with the 8MP S3 being topped by the 13MP S4. Now, the latest rumours are hinting at a 16MP rear facing camera in the case of the Galaxy S5, which will include a new CMOS sensor already confirmed by Samsung.

Two Handsets?

UPDATE: Smartphone case builder Spigen have five different cases available for pre-order on Amazon, with two different styles of S5 being modelled.

One of the handsets boasts a physical home button, whilst the other doesn't, confirming thoughts of two handsets being available.

This also gives traction to the rumours of a fingerprint scanner, as the S5 without the home button could have capacitive buttons able of scanning prints.

Spigen have a history of leaking details through its cases, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Google Nexus 5 both falling victim to leaks thanks to the manufacturer.

Could Samsung really consider doing an Apple by releasing two handsets instead of just the one in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy F?

Possibly so, if these rumours are to be true, with one premium hanset on the cards, and anorther catering for the less expensive and powerful crowds.

It would definitely be a bit of a curve ball from Samsung, but then again, with Apple having done the same thing last year, it wouldn't be a massive surprise.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Features

Iris Scanner

There are rumours circling around the web of the Samsung Galaxy S5 featuring a fingerprint scanner, similar to the iPhone's touchID technology as well as sporting an iris scanner. Will the Samsung Galaxy S5 have an eye scanner?

The iris scanner would use your eye to open up your phone, helping to secure your phone to an unparalelled level.

Fingerprint Scanner

More and more reports are coming out favouring a fingerprint scanner over an iris scanner, with the technology set to be built into the S5's screen.

This is slightly different to the likes of the iPhone, which has a seperate area built in for the TouchID kit built into the handset.

Update: Leaked information suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will indeed feature a fingerprint scanner.

However the fingerprint scanner will not be as sophistocated as Apple's TouchID, it has been said. 

Rather than pressing a finger or thumb against the smartphone's home button, the S5 willr equire users to swipe the device's home button instead.

64-bit processor

Under the hood, we expect to see the S5 sporting the same, or similar, specs as the Galaxy Note 3, such as a quad-core 2.3 GHz processor and 3GB of RAM. By the time that the S5 hits our shelves, we can also expect to get Android KitKat straight out of the box.

However, we are also hearing whisperings that the S5 will sport a similar 64-bit processor to that of the iPhone 5s. Although a 64-bit chip is more or less confirmed for Samsung devices in 2014, it's unknown whether this processor will be ready in time to make its way onto the S5. 

However, if Samsung want the S5 to be continue to compete against the iPhone 5s, then a powerful processor is key. 

TouchWiz No More: New User Interface

Images leaked by @evleaks also suggest that we could be seeing a brand new user interface on the Galaxy S5, marking the end of the familiar TouchWiz.

New Samsung Galaxy S5 user interface: is this the end of TouchWiz?

Instead, we'll have dynamic tiles, a combination of Google Now and Microsoft's Windows Phone, which is set to compeltely revolutionise the look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy S5. 

UPDATE (12/2/14):

The S5's latest TouchWiz is expected to see flat, circular designs for all of its apps, after the latest Unpacked Event poster included snippets of the buttons.

They also hint at new features, including Curiosity, which we expect to be a sharing feature for searching for other compatible handsets, however we will have to wait and see until the handset is released for more details.

Release Date

Update: Samsung has announced that the S5 will not be revealed at MWC itself, but instead the S5 is set to  make an appearance at a private event in Barcelona at 6pm on February 23rd, 15 hours before the conference kicks off.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date

The move would certainly steal the thunder of nearly any device released during the actual conference, but as this is a leak we will have to wait and see.

UPDATE 11/02/2014:

Another Samsung Unpacked poster has been released, this time boasting some small, but significant application buttons, hinting heavily at a new user interface from Samsung.

Whether it's an entirely new software system, or an updated version of Touchwiz is still unknown, but it certainly is a very blatant and obvious mention of the software.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date set for MWC 2014

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