Samsung Galaxy S4 will support Qi Wireless Charging

S4 wireless charging kit
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is packing so many great features that it could really be the iPhone slayer as it has been dubbed and now it has added another string to its bow - wireless charging.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be compatible with Qi wireless charging accessories, although it will need an optional back battery cover to work with the charging pad.
Qi is an open wireless charging standard that is now being seen in various locations so you will be able to charge your S4 at locations that include the Qi charging pads such as coffee shops or restaurants.
The Wireless Power Consortium consists of 130 members and aims to make the Qi open wireless charging platform as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.
A press release from the Wireless Power Consortium stated "The Galaxy S4 is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding Qi ecosystem of mobile devices, charging accessories, charging locations, and consumer electronics with an installed base of more than 15 million units".
"Any Qi-certified device wirelessly charges using any Qi-compatible charger, regardless of brand, it's easy, you just set your Qi-supported device on any Qi charging spot and it instantly starts charging." said the consortium.
There is no confirmation on price for the S4 Qi accessories or when we can expect them to be available.
Anyone thinking about getting the S4 may like the idea of wireless charging and will be happy to see this added to the already impressive arsenal on the flagship model from Samsung. It will also be fun to be able to simply place your S4 on a compatible charging pad in your local coffee shop whilst the iPhone users untangle their USB or mains chargers.
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Written by: Carmel Brown