Samsung Galaxy S4 to have an unbreakable screen

Samsung has been enjoying domination of the smartphone market, with the likes of the iPhone 5 trying to get them but not hitting such figures as the Galaxy S3. Now the Korean manufacturer looks to be keeping one step ahead of everyone else, firstly with the news of their development of the flexible touchscreen displays and now with the possibility of an unbreakable screen.

According to rumours the next Galaxy phone the SIV was going to be sporting a 4.99-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display, but now according to Reuters this screen could be an unbreakable one.
An unbreakable display would be the ultimate for many phone users as no matter how much smart stuff is packed into your phone if the screen breaks it a pretty pricey thing to fix. Screens have become tougher thanks to Corning Gorilla Glass but the anticipated unbreakable plastic substrate display would be the next frontier in mobile phones.
The Samsung Galaxy SIV is likely to break cover at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas next month so we don't have too long to wait to see if this "unbreakable" rumour is true, and if it is we can anticipate Samsung seeing the same runaway success with the Galaxy SIV as they have with previous models.  The next jewel in the crown of Samsung will be flexible displays/smartphones so we will be looking out for those with keen interest.
As we have seen Samsung lead the way with many mobile innovations in the past it won't be long until the rest of the pack follow with their own versions.
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