Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumours: Video Released!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumours

Updated 12/03/2013

Following this morning's leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S4, we can now catch a glimpse of the device in action thanks to a video released by 52Samsung.      


As you can see, the Galaxy S4 seems to be ever so slightly thinner than its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, but other than that, the two devices look pretty similar. 

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New Images Leaked!

It’s just two days before the Samsung Galaxy S4 is launched in New York, and images have come to light, purportedly demonstrating the much anticipated device.




The pictures have been picked up by a Chinese Samsung Mobile Forum, and allegedly show the Galaxy S4 looking remarkably similar to the Galaxy S3, but bigger. These images are a more realistic depiction of other pictures leaked by @evleakes last week, which turned out to be designer mock-ups, and not genuine photographs.


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Updated 11/03/2013

Even though we are only a few days away from the official launch, the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumours are still running wild. The latest news on this exciting new flagship phone from Samsung comes from SamMobile regarding the phones screen.

A new sort of display will apparently be featured on the Galaxy S4 called a "green PHOLED" display. These screens use phosphorescence making it 25% more efficient than traditional OLED displays that use fluorescent light.

Another tidbit of information has announced the S4 will use "floating touch" so users can hover over the screen to preview emails and messages without the need to touch or tap the screen. This rumour could be true as this would be very similar to "Air View" that was featured on the Galaxy Note 2 which used the S Pen to hover over icons in the same way.

As the official reveal date is not far away we don't have too long to wait until we get the confirmed details from Samsung but in the mean time we can expect lots more speculation about the Samsung Galaxy S4.
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Updated 08/03/2013

Six days ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, images have been leaked which supposedly show screenshots of the new device in action.


The screenshots, if actually from the S4, reveal that the phone will have a 5.01 inch screen, a 1080 x 1920 display and a 480ppi pixel density. Already the S4 is looking like a much improved step-up from the S3, which has a 4.8 inch screen and a 312ppi pixel density.

The leaked images also confirm rumours about Samsung’s Smart Scroll feature, which emerged earlier this week. The Smart Scroll control will automatically scroll down the screen if it detects that your eyes have reached the bottom of the page.

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Updated 06/03/2013

After @evleaks tweeted images supposedly depicting the Samsung Galaxy S4 yesterday, British phone specialist, Expansys, has denies the image does reveal what the device will look like when it is unveiled in New York next week.

Expansys instead has insisted that the picture comparing the S4 to its predecessors, including the S3 and the S2, is an artist’s impression of what the phone might look like, and is not the real thing.

It looks like we will just have to wait and see how closely the Samsung Galaxy S4 resembles the leaked images when we get a glimpse of the device on March 14th

Updated 05/03/2013

With the release of Samsung's Galaxy S4 only 9 days away, rumours are coming in thick and fast. 

The latest feature that the S4 will be equipped with an 'Eye Scroll', and Samsung is said to have filed a patent in Europe for the innovation. 

While not the most ground-breaking feature to be found on a smartphone, these tiny leaks seem to be piling up to make what should be a pretty spectacular device. 

Further to news of Eye Scroll technology, @evleaks has today released an image on its Twitter page allegedly showing the Samsung Galaxy S4 in a lineup against its predecessors. Do you think it simply looks like a squarer version of the S3?


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Updated 25/02/2013

Samsung today announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled to an expectant crowd on March 14. No other details were revealed, however the event is likely to be streamed live, opening up the opportunity to get a glimpse of the device for the first time to everyone around the world.

Updated 31/01/2013

With rumours that pointed towards Samsung launching the S4 at CES earlier this month quickly being dissipated, speculators have turned to the upcoming MWC as being the venue for the hotly anticipated model’s release.

However, recent rumours suggest that the S4 will be launched after MWC, with the week of the 15th and 22nd of April being bandied about in reports. Hearsay also plugs the idea that Samsung will not even release details about the S4 at MWC, and will instead, in true Samsung style, hold a separate conference in March.

So it looks like we’ll have to wait longer than expected to get a glimpse of the long awaited follow up to the successful S3. 


With Samsung having such a successful year in 2012, fans of the Korean manufacturer are eager to get wind of the next big thing that will hit the smartphone market.

As usual, rumours are flying left, right and centre about what Samsung’s next move will be with most reports suggesting that it will be the Galaxy S4 which will take our breath away this year.

So what can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S4? And when will it eventually hit our shelves? All should be revealed over the next few weeks as the biggest event of the year in the mobile phone calendar, MWC, is only weeks away.


What can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Flexible Screen?

Rumour has it that the Samsung S4 will come out all singing and dancing with the highest spec, namely a flexible screen.

This is technology is definitely in the making, and was previewed by Samsung at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month.


However, there are many indicators that suggest that we will not be seeing a flexible screen on the Galaxy S4, or any device even, any time soon. Primarily this is due to the fact that the screen is still in its design stages and is reportedly reliant on being connected to a processing box, which suggests that it is not developed enough to run as a standalone smartphone. Moreover, the demo released at CES showed a smartphone powered by the new Windows Phone 8 OS, which again hints that the flexible screen technology will not be applied to the Galaxy S4.

You may find this news disappointing, but with the high quality super-AMOLED display that features on the Galaxy S3, we can hardly expect anything less than amazing on the S4. Some speculators have suggested we could, however, see an unbreakable screen. To read more, take a look at our article about predictions that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is to have an unbreakable screen


Images recently leaked of the Samsung Galaxy S4 reveal that it will look remarkably like its predecessor, the S3. As well as the Galaxy Note 2. In fact, the picture of the unknown device looks like a mash-up of Samsung’s two most popular handsets, with the same look and feel of the S3, with the slightly square-ness of the Note 2’s design.

On top of that, the S4 is reported to have a whopping 4.99 inch screen, which is again a step up from the S3’s 4.7 inch screen and a step down from the Note 2’s 5.5 inch display. But is combining the company’s two best models the best equation for producing the best ever handset? Many complained that the S3’s handset was too large when it first appeared on our shelves, and we know that bigger smartphones are trending this year, but is almost 5 inches for your day-to-day smartphone too big?

Operating System

Again rumours about the Galaxy S4’s OS seem to have been disproved already. Some observers suggested that the next phone in the Galaxy range may use a recently developed OS, called Tizen. And while it is true that Samsung has plans to release a model which features the Tizen OS, it would be foolish and risky for the company to incorporate it into the hotly anticipated S4. After all, we had no complaints about the S3 or the Note’s use of Android.

So if we are looking at another Android-operated smartphone in the S4, how will it differ from already existing Samsung models? Rumours circulating suggest that we can expect to see the Android 4.2 system loaded on the newest Galaxy model, which is no different to previous models. We would have liked to perhaps see Google’s Key Lime Pie being picked up by the S4, but perhaps this is simply wishful thinking on our behalf.

What is exciting, though, is speculation that the S4 may be powered by a whopping 2GHz processor, which would simply loom over the S3’s 1.4 GHz, streaking ahead of any other smartphone on the market in terms of speed and power. Scrolling from application to application will never have been so fast!


I’ll admit that when I see a flash new phone being released into the market with an 8 MP camera, I often sigh with disappointment. It’s not that 8 MP isn’t good enough, and photographs taken with 8 MP cameras such as the HTC One X and even the Galaxy S3 are of a pretty high standard.

However, a photograph leaked on Picasa which is supposedly taken with the new Galaxy S4 hints that we could be seeing at least a 10 MP camera attached to our new Samsung masterpiece. Other sources suggest that we might even get a 13 MP camera to match the likes of the Sony Xperia T.



So there we have it; some of the leaked rumours and images which make up our faint idea of what the Samsung Galaxy S4 might be. While speculation on the subject has been rife for months now, we have already disproven some of the wilder suggestions, allowing us to paint a more realistic, and less wishful, image of the S4’s design and features.  

But when can we expect to see the release of this much anticipated model?

Rumours originally pointed at the CES as the potential launch date, though we saw no sign of the S4 there. In fact, Samsung was reportedly laying low on giving details of their smartphone plans for 2013. Automatically, our attention then turns to MWC in Barcelona next month, where it is hoped that we will expect the official launch of the S4.


To back this prediction up, a roadmap displayed by Samsung at CES showed that a new device, which will feature a 4.99 inch screen, is due to be released in the first quarter of 2013. (To find out more, read our article that predicts when the S4 might be released.) Right now, it looks like we won’t have to wait too long until our ums and errs are replaced by certainty. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel