Samsung Galaxy S4 Reveal Tonight

Samsung Galaxy S4 Reveal Tonight!

The big day has arrived; Samsung is to reveal its new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S4, at a private event in New York today.

The reveal will take place at 6pm New York time, which means that we won’t catch a glimpse of the new device until approximately 11pm UK time. That won’t us from bringing you all of the Galaxy S4’s specs, functions and features, though, as will be here to keep you posted on all details as soon as they are released.

The device is set to sport a 5 inch screen, and will also feature a patented technology called ‘Eye Scroll’, which automatically scrolls down the page when the device senses that you have reached the bottom of the screen.

For a full low-down of all of the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumours and speculated features, see our Samsung Galaxy S4 rumours page.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel