Samsung Galaxy S4 passes 10 million sales marker

Samsung Galaxy S4 passes 10 million sales marker

Sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung’s flagship device for 2013, have passed the 10 billion marker this week, in line with the firm’s confident predictions.

The device, which boasts an impressive 5 inch display, 13MP camera and an array of in-built features and apps, was unveiled to the public at a high profile launch event in New York back in March. Though the launch event was criticised by many, myself included, for its cheesy acting and irritating musical intros, the hype around event itself demonstrated just how big the Samsung Galaxy S4 was set to be.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, which was actually released to the world in April, has managed to surpass any of Samsung’s previous models in terms of sales, selling twenty times faster than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The sales figures announced by Samsung, however, indicate how many units have been sold to retailers and networks, and do not take into account the number of devices that have been sold to consumers.

Apple, as you might imagine, still holds the record for the highest number of consumer sales with the release of its iPhone 5, which made over 5 million sales in the first weekend of its release last September.

Regardless, the vast number of Samsung Galaxy S4 sales indicates that it will be the Android phone of 2013, forcing the likes of the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z into a back seat position.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel