Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in the making

We've only just got our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4  and rumours about a possible miniature device being launched later in the year are already hitting the news.

The report from SamMobile states that two devices code named the GT-I9190 and GT-I9192 have shown up on Samsung’s User Agent Profile (UAPROF) website. The two devices are thought to be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in two variants; one with a single SIM and another with dual SIM capabilities.

SmartNews, a Bulgarian tech site has issued a statement: "Today we were able to test the Galaxy S4 Mini and made some pictures to get an idea of ​​the phone. Our initial impressions are definitely good. Galaxy S4 Mini is not inferior in any way to his older brother. The device is extremely fast, with a great camera and a beautiful display."

So what exactly can we expect to see on teh Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini?


In true Samsung fashion, we expect that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will be identical in design to the Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact, leaked images show the device as exactly that.


 The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is set to be a remarkable step up from the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, which was released in November 2012. It will sport a 4.3 inch screen, up from the S3 Mini’s 4.0 inch display, and will feature an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera, as opposed to the S3 Mini’s 5 megapixels.

It has been rumoured that the single SIM Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will be powered by a quad-core processor, while the dual SIM model will have a dual-core processor, allowing for impressive operating speeds.

It is still unknown, however, whether the Mini model will boast all of the same impressive features as the Samsung Galaxy S4, launched in April.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, which was unveiled to much fanfare at an unpacked event in New York last month, sports a 5 inch display with a pixel density of 441 ppi, a 13MP camera with dual shot capabilities and a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor. It also offers brand new features including Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, S-Translate and S-Voice Drive.

Release Date

Rumours suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini release date would be revealed in the days following the original Galaxy S4’s launch. However, when we didn't see that happening, the rumoured release date was pushed back to July 15th. But as the S4 flies off our shelves in the UK and around the globe, the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is said to occurr as soon as May 30th! 

Update: Samsung has let slip about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, leading to suggestions thta it will be unveiled at a Samsung launch event scheduled for June 20th in London.

The device appeared in Samsung's app listing site, (discovered by Isreali site tgspot), showing that it is well and truly up and running, and on its way to the UK. 

With deals for the Samsung Galaxy S4 starting from just £32 a month, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is set to ensure that 2013 is a winning year for Samsung.

So pre-order your Samsung Galaxy S4 today to make sure you get yours by April 26th!

In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: is a 4.3 inch screen a more attractive version of the larger Galaxy S4? And is dual SIM going to take off? Join the debate on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Alternatively, to post a comment below. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel