Samsung Galaxy S4 Live Reveal

Samsung Galaxy S4 Live Reveal

The Samsung Galaxy S4: the Low Down

00:13 At a private event in New York tonight, Samsung officially unveiled its latest edition to the Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The reveal was attended by tens of journalists and fans in the Big Apple this evening, all eager to catch a glimpse of Samsung’s much anticipated follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S3.


Apart from a lot of cheesy acting and slightly irritating music, what did the event reveal about the Samsung Galaxy S4?

The phone, as predicted, looks identical to the leaked images that have appeared on various Chinese forums this week. It will feature a 5 inch screen, a 2,600 mAh battery and will run Android version 4.2.2. The design looks pretty much the same as the Samsung Galaxy S3, apart from being slimmer, at only 7.99mm thick. 

As the rumours speculated, the Samsung Galaxy S4 does indeed feature the patented ‘Smart Scroll’ technology, which scrolls down the page as soon as the device senses that your eyes have reached the bottom of the screen. Not only that, but the Samsung Smart Pause automatically pauses a video you might be watching if it detects your eyes not looking at the screen.

The Galaxy S4 will also feature a 13 MP camera, which is set to rival the likes of the Sony Xperia Z’s 13 MP camera. After a controversial decision by Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, to release its flagship One device with an Ultrapixel camera, how will the Samsung Galaxy S4 match up? Could it be strong enough to beat the HTC One this year? Watch as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One battle it out. 

Well, it appears that the Samsung Galaxy S4 actually sports a lot of similar features as the HTC One. For example, the Galaxy S4’s camera allows you to remove objects or people from a shot if you’d prefer them not to be there, enhancing your photography to produce the perfect picture.

The Samsung Galaxy also features a dual camera function, which allows you to use both the rear and front camera at any one time, whether it’s to take photos, videos, or even to make video calls, and this is one of my top 5 things about the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 can also record sound while you are taking a still shot, allowing you to share vocal messages to accompany your photos.

Other impressive features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 include the S Health app, S Translator, Samsung Knox security, and Group Play function, which turns multiple devices into a sound system.  

Just yesterday, marketing chief from Apple, Phil Schiller, denied that the impending Samsung Galaxy S4 was a threat to the iPhone; instead, he stated that research conducted by Apple demonstrates that four times as many users chose to switch from an Android to an iPhone than the other way around in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Apple, it seems, is openly confident about its ability to continue to wave off the competition of Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

Samsung have yet to announce a specific launch date for the Galaxy S4, though we can expect it to start rolling out by the end of April.

Take a look at how the official device compares to the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumours here. 

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23:58 The show is officially over; all of the lucky guests of the Samsung Galaxy S4 reveal are now getting their hands on the device to test out its new features. 

23:56 Samsung's S Health app allows you to track your calorie intake, exercise, weight, heart rate and blood pressure.

23:51 We are now getting a demonstration of the Group Play function which turns multiple devices into a sound system.

23:43 S-Voice Drive is the latest feature to be revealed on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Amongst all of the cheesy acting on stage, we can see that the S-Voice Drive is an attempt to make communication whilst driving much easier and safer. 

It will make calls, send text messages and find the weather forecast, all while you are driving! Almost like a personal assistant.

23:34 It's not just the 13MP camera that's impressive, the Samsung Galaxy S4's camera boasts tens of new features including recording sound when you take a still shot, and deleting unwanted objects from your photos!


23:15 Will Chase takes to the stage, with little Jeremy from Samsung’s latest bout of adverts, while the camera pans to the hundreds of eager fans waiting in the cold in Time Square. Mr Chase has introduced the head of IT, Mr J K Shin. 

22:40 Just 20 minutes until the big showdown in New York, though we are still unsure about which of Samsung's executives is set the hit the stage to begin the Samsung Galaxy S4's reveal.

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel