Samsung Galaxy S4 in stock

Samsung Galaxy S4 in stock

The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 release date is finally here with Samsung confirming that this fantastic new smartphone will be in stock on the 27th April.

This great news release is accompanied by further good news as the Galaxy S4 mobile phone can be ordered right now so there is no need to wait until Saturday to place your order.

In fact it would be most wise to order now or as soon as possible before this smartphone goes out of stock!

There are a number of deals from which to choose but the one below is simply superb;

Samsung Galaxy S4 deal 

You can view all of the Samsung Galaxy S4 black deals here and the Samsung Galaxy S4 white deals here.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will without question be the hottest device of the year and our very own hands-on expert Charlotte Kertrestel recently reviewed the S4 aside of the S3 in her article ‘Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3’.

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