Samsung Galaxy S4 Goes Up in Flames

Samsung Galaxy S4 sets on fire while charging

Earlier in the year we reported a number of iPhones going up in flames, and now it looks like the same fate has become of Samsung phones.

Richard Wygand, a Galaxy S4 user, recently published a YouTube video of his burnt Samsung Galaxy S4 which allegedly caught fire whilst being on charge.

However, Samsung has tried to hush the disgruntled S4 user by demanding he remove the video before receiving a free replacement.

The company also urged Wygand to remove all posts and photos relating to the burnt smartphone, at the same time as keeping schtum about the compensation agreement that both parties will come to.

However, after Wygand refused to keep the issue under wraps, the matter has blown up over social media, backfiring on Samsung.

In fact, Nokia, in a smooth move, has swept in to offer the user a brand new Nokia Lumia smartphone to replace his S4 and to make up for the poor customer service which he received from Samsung.

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