Samsung Galaxy S4 to launch at CES?

CES 2013

Updated 17/12/12: Updates from Samsung suggest that the S4 won't actually be launched at CES in January and that it's unlikely to even be launched at MWC at the end of February. The flexible screen suggestion may also be wide of the mark as The Verge revealed that it won't be ready for mass production any time soon.

It’s looking increasingly likely that Samsung will be announcing the follow-up to its all-conquering Galaxy S3 sooner rather than later. And this may be as early as January with the Korean manufacturer posting a rather cryptic trailer about its presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which begins on January 8.

CES in Las Vegas represents an ideal opportunity for mobile phone manufacturers to announce their 2013 line-up of handsets and this would be the ideal platform for Samsung to lay down its intentions for the year. In a trailer perhaps more suited to a Bruce Willis movie, Samsung suggests that the world is awaiting something new and then simply leaves it at that.

Whether a Samsung Galaxy SIV is that something new is up for debate. However the company has been vocal about its advances with a flexible OLED display and it would make sense for the company to debut this new technology at CES. Recent reports have suggested that the new S4 handset will come with an unbreakable 5-inch touchscreen and this would support the flexible display rumours.

Although it’s well known that a number of manufacturers have flexible screens in development, a January launch would represent a first for consumers and allow Samsung to steal a march in this space.

Watch Samsung’s teaser in full: 



Written by Damian Carvill