Samsung Galaxy S20 may not ship until a month after launch

Samsung Galaxy S20 launch date and rumours

The release of the next Samsung Galaxy flagship is a subject of hot debate. As with any big release we see lots of rumours ahead of the final reveal. So far, we now know that Samsung is not continuing with the traditional naming run. Instead of the new smartphone being called the Galaxy S11, it is going to be the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Now it looks like the phones will not come into stores immediately. Rumours now suggest the Samsung Galaxy S20 is to hit the shelves one month after the launch.

Samsung Galaxy S20 release date

The official event for the Samsung Galaxy S20 range is the 11th of February. However, recent rumours suggest you will have to wait at least a month to get your hands on the phone.

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According to reliable sources (a leak from Ishan Agarwal and Frandroid), the phones won't be set for delivery until 13th March. So if you manage to get your pre-order in around the launch date you won't actually get to see what you have ordered for some time.

As the late date for fulfilment has come from two separate sources it could be a possibility. The release of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is very close now so the delivery date should be decided by now too.

When will you get your Samsung Galaxy S20

Although the rumours are coming from a number of sources, there are some things that may mean you might not have to wait so long. Samsung usually starts shipping its Galaxy phones a couple of weeks after the official event. So, a month-long wait will break with the usual pattern.

The story from Frandroid mainly covers the release of the Samsung Galaxy S20 in France. It is possible that other markets may get a staggered delivery. That could mean that the larger markets will get the new flagship phone at the usual time.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Price

The longer delivery date could be welcome for some. You will have more time to save up for the new Galaxy model. So far, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S20 cost is likely to start from £900 with the S20 Ultra peaking at £1300. 

Whichever way Samsung goes with the delivery of the Samsung Galaxy S20's the only real news will come from the official event. As this is due to be announced on February 11th, we don't have to wait too much longer.

Are you going to get the Samsung Galaxy S20? Do you think the price is reasonable? What do you hope to see on the new Galaxy flagship? Share your thoughts in the comments below.