Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus to get a 108MP camera

Samsung Galaxy S11 rumours and release date

The Samsung Galaxy S11 rumours are coming in thick and fast, and the latest is about the top-end model in the range. Rumour has it that the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus will have a 108MP camera and a 5,000mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus specifications

The rumours surrounding the Galaxy S11 Plus and the 108MP camera have surfaced before. As we are now seeing multiple leaks about this, it could be likely to happen. A reputable leaker, @Universeice, has now also stated that the camera would have this 108MP lens. 

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus camera rumours

While the camera will be a 108MP lens, it will capture 12MP photos. The Motorola One Vision also has this setup using quad-pixel technology in 48MP lenses for 12MP shots. However, the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus will use a 9-pixel structure for taking detailed 12MP photos.

The main advantages of this type of camera arrangement are for low light shots. It uses bigger pixels to take in more light. The standard capture is likely to be around 12MP, but it is not clear whether there will be an option to take 108MP shots too. Some other smartphones have this option, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has a 108MP sensor with the default at 27MP, but you can opt for the higher megapixel value.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus battery

The other element of the rumour points to a 5,000mAh battery on the S11 Plus. A bigger battery doesn't necessarily mean that the phone dimensions will be more significant. The rumoured battery is expected to have a protection module that is 57% smaller than other smartphone batteries. 

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus battery

A new design of the battery module allows Samsung to use the bigger capacity battery without having to bulk up the phone. It also means the battery doesn't use up too much space that can be utilised for other components.

As with all flagship rumours the information is not confirmed yet. The trends in smartphone design have seen big camera sensors and improved battery, so these could make it on the final model. We shall have to wait for the official Samsung Galaxy S11 launch to see if the S11 Plus gets these upgrades.

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