Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2 to be released

Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2

News has emerged of Samsung’s latest budget handset to be released: the Galaxy Pocket Plus. An upgrade from the Galaxy Pocket, the new device is designed to cater for users who can’t afford the more expensive models in the Galaxy range. But how does it compare to the original Pocket phone?

It would seem that there will be few noticeable differences between the original Pocket and the new Pocket Plus. Images leaked of the new handset look exactly the same as its predecessor, and rumour has it that the new model will also be similarly priced.

However, analysts have reported that the Pocket Plus’ processor is one thing that has changed in the new model; it will be upgraded from a 832 MHz processor to a slightly faster 850 MHz Broadcom processor. Other features that the Pocket Plus is said to have include a 2.8 inch screen and 4 GB of internal storage, and the model will run the Ice Cream Sandwich version on Android. Further to that, the handset will have a built-in FM radio and a 2 MP rear-facing camera.

While the specs of Samsung’s latest release may not appear outstanding, the Korean company is successfully putting a tick in every box by creating a good quality phone which welcomes entry-level users into the Android-operated smartphone club. As ever, it is unknown for certain when Samsung will officially launch the Pocket Plus, though observers have suggested it could be in the first half of 2013. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel