Samsung Galaxy Fonblet to be Launched Soon?

It seems the smartphone trend of the last couple of years has been moving more towards bigger is better and now Samsung is about deliver another monster phone to us.

Not the Galaxy Note III but the Galaxy Fonblet which appears to be the latest incarnation off the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8. The Player 5.8, as the name suggests, sported a huge 5.8-inch display and now the Fonblet looks like it will ship with the same size screen.


A few specs have been leaked about this large screen smartphone including the 5.8-inch TFT screen with qHD resolution and it will have dual-SUM support. Android Jelly Bean will be on board from launch and should it be sporting similar specs to the previously released Galaxy Player it will have a 3-megapixel camera and Bluetooth although that camera resolution is more than likely to be better on this newer model.

A European launch is already amongst the rumours so we shouldn't have to wait too long for all the details of this supersized media player/smartphone - more than likely Samsung will be showcasing it at the MWC next month.